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Horoscope, Wednesday, Oct. A baby born today has a Sun in Libra and a Moon in Scorpio until a. Falls Village gathers for its auction Local News.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

State trooper says Salisbury pedestrians are part of problem, too Local News. Region 14 schools hires tuba player as fine arts director Local News. Community News. Floral designer holds autumn design program Community. Oxford Greens goes pink Community. Woodbury Firefighters serve up an adventurous dinner Community.

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Special Sections Chamber Directory 0. What will the man say next? This has led many to wonder if someone with such an itchy Twitter finger should have access to another hot button—one that could launch nuclear arms. And he has no issue courting it.

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This is the chart of someone who wants to be in charge—unapologetically so. His endless spate of rookie mistakes are as frequent and jaw-dropping as his bankruptcies. Yet, his tenth house Uranus keep him inciting anger and rebellion at his rallies, no matter what he says or does.

3 astrology apps to put your horoscope in your pocket

Uranus rules technology, while Gemini is the sign of communication and media. This confidence-boosting placement definitely fares well for someone on a mission to rule the free world. But unchecked, it can easily lead to power trips and even narcissism. They are also romantics who love the thrill of the hunt. To wit, Trump has been married three times, all to women who fit the glamorous, photogenic bill that a showy Mars in Leo loves.

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Cancer governs our eating habits AND feminine curves. To wit: His many thin-skinned moments, his feuds with women and his habit of taking everything personally. Cancer is the sign of hearth and home and domestic security has been a huge topic for the Trump campaign with promises to build a wall to keep out Mexicans, screen Muslims and block Syrian refugees from entering the United States.

Paging Dr. From getting bent out of shape about the length of his fingers TrumpHands anyone?

Donald Trump Horoscope: What His Astrology Chart Reveals

And does this explain his refusal to change diapers or do anything domestic? Now, if we could just get him to remember where he came from…. In turn, his kids have taken a strong and supportive stance for their father.

His eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.